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In Africa, the arts are not just aesthetic possessions; art is culture. Art is tradition. Art serves a meaningful purpose in our communities. Art is born within us and lives in our souls. It is the rhythm that guides our beings. Africa is art.


Meet Our Newest Artist: Derrick Okanta

Derrick Okanta is a creative and a dynamic Ghanaian visual artist born and raised in Accra, Ghana.

He is a graduate from Ghanatta College of Art and Design. He started off as a Graphic Designer but his passion for painting and drawing motivated him to take painting as a profession, after his four years in college, he has been part of numerous group exhibitions and project, such as Chale Wote Street Art Festival (2016).

Painting comes natural with him and he feels great anytime he finds himself in his studio painting. As a visual artist, he take inspirations from his surrounding and wherever he find himself and develops them into his own unique style of painting.

Currently, he is working on a project which he has Themed “New Generation”. It is all about creating awareness concerning the street children more particularly those whose parents are not able to take them to school due to financial problem, to fully enjoy their rights.


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