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  • Contemporary Décor Art with Kente

    Pillow covers made from silk and cotton handwoven textiles.

Contemporary Décor Art with Kente Cloth from Ghana

Using exclusive materials once reserved for African royalty, we are reimagining a new life for traditional Ghanaian kente as lush home décor.

Let's Change the Narrative

Odyssey Artisans is committed to sharing Africa’s vibrant, rich, and diverse cultural heritage with the world through contemporary art and décor art.

Odyssey Artisans aims to work with African and Diasporic artists to write its own narrative on contemporary art history, instead of having others continue to write African art off. 

With your support, you will help make this change. With your support, you will help redefine African artworks as "good art" or "worthy art".

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Peer Pressure




Blockchain Technology to Certify Artwork

At Odyssey Artisans, we believe in the integration of technology and art.

We are harnessing the power of blockchain technology to certify our artwork as well as a permanent and secure record of ownership. Click here to learn more.


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