Why the Arts Matter in a STEM World


At Odyssey Artisans, we believe the arts are fundamental to learning, recent studies suggest that training in the arts has been shown to improve creativity and innovation. Students of the arts learn to approach issues with a critical mind and a positive attitude towards problem solving. Exposure to the arts enhances communication skills, which are essential tools for collaboration. It develops flexibility and adaptability. The arts help us to analyze and grapple with complex moral issues, help us understand what goes on inside of us, that is, show us what it means to be a human being. It is also important for helping to deal with contemporary global issues at local, national, and international levels. Mathematics, the sciences, engineering, and technology are certainly useful, but the arts and humanities provide another way of viewing issues, and better decisions are made when diverse opinions and ideas are considered. 

A growing number of schools are now incorporating teaching methods that are more in line with STEAM (Science, Tech, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) as it has become clear that arts education makes learning more fun and keeps children more engaged. 

According to AllEducationSchools, “STEAM aims to strengthen the foundation of STEM by helping students enhance their critical thinking skills and recognize the intersection of art, science, technology, engineering, and math.

“It gives students tools and methods to explore new and creative ways of problem-solving, displaying data, innovating, and linking multiple fields. The arts and STEM subjects naturally complement and inform each other, so implementing STEAM principles into education allows for more understanding, innovation and a cohesive education in the classroom.”

Odyssey Artisans is our contribution to making sure that the arts stay alive.


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