About Us

Meet the Founders

We are Bernice and Eunice Kyereme, two Ghanaian-American sisters who love Africa and African art. 

Born in Ghana and raised in the United States, we always looked for new ways to connect with our roots. When we were children, our connection were the stories told by our parents. Based in their hometowns Wamfie and Abisem in Brong-Ahafo, they fascinated us and gave our dreams of home a structure. 

Their stories inspired us to look deeper into Ghana’s cultural fabric, and over the years, we were drawn to the emerging contemporary art scene. Through the unique perspectives of wonderful artists, we started to hear new stories that brought us even closer to home. 

We decided the rest of the world should also hear them. At Odyssey Artisans, we strive to infuse the contemporary art landscape with works by today’s African artists. 

Let’s Change the Narrative

Given the monopoly Western culture has over the arts scene, it’s been a Herculean task for African artists to be recognized and represented. Classical European art is considered the most advanced, and therefore, superior. In art history, the great artists and art forms taught about are laterally European, with sparse inclusions from Latin, Asian, and African contemporaries. Even though Africa has a rich history of art to contribute to the art history narrative, its contributions tend to be classified as primitive and irrelevant. 

A change in the narrative has certainly began, from major art institutions like the Smithsonian in Washington D.C. to boutique art galleries, but there is still a lack of representation and recognition of Black art. 

Odyssey Artisans is our contribution to help change the narrative. 




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